Nicole Monturo

Nicole Monturo is an accomplished executive coach and leadership expert currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. A highly experienced manager, Nicole specializes in helping workplace leaders maximize their potential through effective organization, communication, and delegation.

Although certain individuals are fortunate enough to innately possess the assortment of characteristics that define effective leadership, anyone with the proper motivation and discipline can absolutely adopt and execute positive habits to create success. Because of this, Nicole has learned how to spot leadership potential in individuals and foster it to help it blossom. She has a knack for choosing the right people to train for positions of authority. 

Nicole Monturo believes deeply that the most successful leaders are able to inspire action from their team.

This includes formulating and sharing a vision of the future that can inspire your subordinates to want to do whatever necessary to reach the goal. It is important to understand that a substantial level of confidence will go a very long way, serving as the foundation upon which that vision of the future can be built.

In that pursuit, great leaders know how to clear away structural barriers, whether it be a question of optimizing processes, removing bureaucratic red tape, or anything else along those lines. By freeing your team’s natural creativity and creating appropriately sufficient space for them to take the initiative, a tremendous amount of potential is unlocked.

Nicole Monturo also knows that leaders need to be positive. The person helming a project needs to recognize that they set the tone, and creating a culture of optimism is key. Additionally, maintaining a well-understood level of integrity and professionalism can help supercharge that culture. This means being fair, candid, and straightforward in all things to earn respect.

In the workplace, the free flow of knowledge is critical. Fantastic leaders are well-equipped to ensure that all levels of the organization are well-informed. This includes understanding expectations, challenges, success, and failures. Setting in place an “open door” policy is a great way to ensure that information is also able to flow up from the ground level. It’s also a great way to keep your employees engaged by letting their voices be heard. 

She also knows that keeping an open door and allowing for the free flow of ideas is crucial in helping a business to develop and grow.

Nicole is a firm believer that one of the worst phrases to hear in a business environment is, “Well, that’s the way it’s always been done.”

For a business environment to thrive, it needs to be to incorporate the thoughts and ideas of new hires into the management practices and business acumen of senior members. Together, everyone’s unique and individual perspectives can help weed out the problems within a company and help the entire corporation to run more efficiently. Every person brings something to the table that someone else does not, and allowing your workers to showcase their knowledge while also feeling as though their voice is heard. If you want to get people involved in and committed to their jobs, you need to show them that you respect them as employees and as people. 

Nicole Monturo knows that above all else, the most critical function of an effective leader is being able to make decisions. Being decisive is crucial when leading any endeavor. Honest self-reflection is always great, but a leader must be steadfast in his or her choices to the rest of the team.

When Nicole isn’t at work…

Nicole Monturo

she enjoys living her life to the fullest. Because she enjoys spending time with her gorgeous children and two precious dogs, Nicole wants to have as many years as she can doing what she loves with the people she loves. She knows that a healthy, active lifestyle is the best way to help her with that goal, so she makes physical activity and a good diet part of her everyday life.

Nicole knows the benefits that incorporating even a little movement into your life can have on your wellbeing. After all, extensive amounts of sitting and sedentary behavior can wreak havoc on your health. After working behind a desk day after day, she knew she needed to make a change or else face the negative consequences. A lover of nature and the outdoors, one of Nicole’s favorite pastimes is the simplest way you can some exercise: walking. So that’s what she decided to do. Whenever she can, Nicole loves to go for a stroll through the neighborhood with her children, taking in the sights and sounds; she also enjoys her habitual daily walk that she takes with her two precious puppies.

She also looks for inventive ways to get in her workout as well.

Since transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, Nicole has found herself in a bit of a time crunch – it’s not easy being a working mother who needs to stay on top of her career, feed her children, and still have time to get in the recommended amount of daily physical activity. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day; that meant that Nicole needed to get creative. She started to look for ways during the day that she could squeeze in a workout while at work, and thanks to a trend called ‘deskercise,’ she’s been able to stay active while being productive.

As much as she loves her health, Nicole also loves to eat!

As a health-conscious food nut, Nicole Monturo knows that learning to eat healthier doesn’t mean having to sacrifice on taste or quality. A self-proclaimed foodie, when she first started her healthy-living/healthy-eating lifestyle, Nicole knew that she was going to have to find a way to make meals that were both good for her body and good for her soul. She decided to focus her affinity for cooking on creating healthy dishes and was immediately hooked. While health foods can often be bland (when was the last time you ate some plain lettuce for a snack?) Nicole found a way to incorporate her belief that food is the “Great Connector” by introducing new flavors and creations from around the world. She was able to bring in influence from German, French, and Italian cuisines into her cooking to make meals that not only taste delicious to her family, but are good for them, too.  

Nicole now loves to cook for her family and takes pride in her ability to make wholesome, healthy meals that taste delicious and help keep the ones she loves healthy. She loves looking for new and inventive ways to create flavorful dishes from ingredients she can grow in her own backyard. 

A lover of baking as much as cooking, Nicole Monturo also knows that eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself every once in awhile; after all, ‘everything in moderation’ is a motto by which she lives.

Since she firmly believes in wholesome eating, she expanded her love of healthy cooking to include a little bit of indulgence into sweeter things. She prepares all of her delectable desserts herself, often sharing her recipes with the world on her foodie blogbecause she believes that food is made to be shared with one another. Growing up in a house where home cooking was not emphasized, many of the recipes that Nicole first grew to love have been borrowed and taken from people in her life. Now that she’s an adept cook and passionate foodie, she’s seeking to help others in their transition into a healthier life by sharing her favorite, wholesome recipes. 

Outside of its deliciousness, Nicole also loves the impact of food on a biological level. If our bodies are fine-tuned machines, then food is the gasoline that they need to operate. She knows that every step we take, every movement of our bodies we owe to the food we put in our bodies, so we owe it to ourselves to give our bodies the nutrients they need to carry us through our lives.

To Nicole, wholesome, healthy food is so much more than a pastime; it’s a way of living.