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The Early Bird Gets the Worm: Make Your Morning Count!

Most of us spend our days cooped up in our office cubicles or hunched over a computer for a large part of our waking hours, be it for work or pleasure. The internet tends to suck you into a hole when you have any free time, luring you in with the latest trends and viral videos, news from around the world, your social media feeds or your favorite TV shows. All of this eats into your time and makes you compromise on exercise and rest.

Very often, you may wake up in the morning feeling exhausted and cranky as a result of being awake at odd hours. How you begin your day affects the rest of it. It is vital to make the most of your mornings; being mindful of your mental and physical wellbeing from the time you wake up will benefit you in the short term as well as the long term. Once you start really utilizing your mornings, you will find that adage on early birds will start to apply to you.

Where Do You Begin?

According to Billy Polson, CEO and co-founder of DIAKADI and the Business Movement, kick-starting your day right has a domino effect on the rest of your day, in terms of positivity, energy and mindfulness. You can train yourself to become a morning person, even if you feel you aren’t.

You can do whatever works best for you. Try to incorporate physical fitness routines that also include a state of mindfulness with them. Polson tries to ensure his morning routine is a combination of surf sessions, yoga, or strength training. Just focusing on the exercise means that the flow of blood through the body, as well as focusing on the routine, brings a sense of clarity and inner peace.

What Does Good Health Mean?

Aside from the many obvious benefits of exercise, maintaining a routine of well being affects every aspect of your life. Taking care of your health has positive effects on how your do your work and interact with people as well.

And all of this starts by waking up early in the morning and getting a jumpstart on your day.

Easy Methods To Achieve Activity In The Morning

Aside from the obvious methods of exercise and meditation, one can also kick-start their morning activities by using methods to commute to work that involves physical activity, like walking or using a cycle. These small steps will go a long way in improving your overall physical and mental health and happiness.


The Best TED Talks on Leadership

If you’re a frequent internet user, especially on social media, you’ve likely seen videos posted and shared of conferences called TED Talks. Maybe you’ve watched one here or there on various subjects — TED Talks have a lot more to offer than purely entertainment — think of them more as edutainment.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and was incepted in 1984 by Richard Saul Wurman; although the conferences initially only addressed topics in the areas of technology, entertainment, and design, they now cover a wide variety of topics. These conferences host influential leaders from different industries around the world to speak on their knowledge and inform others.

One subject of TED Talks that I find to be particularly insightful and inspiring are the ones that cover matters of leadership. I watch them for knowledge, inspiration, and self-development so I can lean how to better lead others on a day-to-day basis. Although I really can’t limit my favorites to a single list without rambling for a million words, there are a few that have particularly struck me. Here are a few of my (carefully selected) favorite TED Talks on leadership.

  • How to Make Work-Life Balance Work – Nigel Marsh
    • Nigel Marsh is a well-known author, giving us titles like Overworked and Underlaid and Fat, Forty, and Fired that explore the interaction between work and personal life. In this talk he discusses the importance of having a healthy balance between your work and personal lives and offers some advice on how to reach that balance.
  • The Key to Success? Grit. – Angela Lee Duckworth
    • Angela Duckworth worked for years in a high-pressure consulting job until one day when she left it to take a job teaching mathematics to seventh graders in the New York public school system. It was at this job where she realized that textbook intelligence isn’t the only thing that sets the successful students apart from those had a difficult time; that other ‘secret’ ingredient was grit, which she explores in her talk.
  • 8 Secrets of Success – Richard St. John
    • If you want a strong shot of inspiration but don’t have the time to sit through an entire lecture series, marketer and analyst Richard St. John’s presentation is exactly what you need. The talk condenses years’ worth of interviews and a two-hour lecture into a three-and-a-half minute talk that gets real about what exactly it takes to succeed.

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